Web UI/UX Design & Development

Currently, I design and develop web-based media using a host of technologies. HTML(5), CSS(3), JavaScript, and PHP are at the core of all of my technologies since those are the most widely used languages on the web. Today, there are an abundance of libraries build on CSS, Javascript, PHP, etc... But, for the most part, I prefer to write my own code as it will outrun any library 99% of the time depending on the case. I specialize in custom development, custom code authoring, as well as serving technologies and SEO in terms of page load speed and server security. I am also capable of creating/serving Progressive Web Apps and keeping your site cryptographically secure (when necessary) to deliver the modern functionality of the web.

Although, there are not too many examples listed here, I challenge you to look at this website, or any of the others listed below in tools such as Lighthouse, Google PageSpeed Insights, Varvy's SEO Tool, as well as HTBridge's Web Server Security Test or Qualys SSL Labs to see the results for yourself. Now, compare some of the competitor sites using the same tools to see the difference. (If you are a web developer yourself, try analyzing the site using Lighthouse for more detailed scores and information)

What does a faster loading, more secure, aggressively caching site mean to your business? You will have far less dropped views due to load times, less chance of a hacker gaining access to your site, and better peace of mind that your site is not bottlenecking your customers with poor performance. With mobile usage being of the utmost importance and understanding that the vast majority of the world is still on 3G networks, web development has become a game of lean, mean, speed. This is specifically why services like Google's AMP project exist. To de-bloat most websites so that they perform better on mobile. But, what if your main site for desktop could also perform well on mobile? It can, it should, and it is much less complicated to do it this way.

Check out a few of the examples below and see for yourself. Please feel free to contact me directly for any questions.