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Although design and branding are no longer my primary focus... It is nearly impossible to be a web developer without having a decent design sense, as that does tend to factor into how projects are built. Most of my work is not listed here due to being done early in my career or the materials being sensitive, but I still enjoy developing the identity/look of a business as well as tackling design problems head on. Below are a few of the more recent or relevant examples.

Over time, I will start to update this section with some of the posters, brochures, letterheads, and other miscellaneous design projects I have completed in recent years. Because my primary design focus is on web-related projects... A lot of my design skills can be seen on the sites and widgets I develop.

More Info

Below you will find information and links related to other types of design and branding work I have participated in as well as some helpful how-to's on a few things. Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions.

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1. Custom Vinyl Wrapping? - (2018)

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1. Creative Cloud for Beginners & Novices

Ben Kress (2017)Logo of Ben Kress (2017) Voorhees Custom Mods (2017)Logo of Voorhees Custom Mods (2017) Naturally Wired Build Team (2017)Logo of the Naturally Wired Build Team (2017) Aerstream Aerial Media Company (2013)Logo of Aerstream Aerial Media Company (2013) Skyvue Outdoor TV Company (2008)Logo of Skyvue Outdoor TV Company (2008)