Over the years, I have accumulated many instances of my work... working for both small and massive businesses alike. Although I would love to show all of them to you, some of them I am not really allowed, and others you would rather not see due to older technologies and implementation methods used. Instead, you will find more recent and relevant works of mine by following the links below. If you have any specific questions related to work examples provided, or would like to see more, feel free to drop a request on the networking page.


Over the past 15+ years, I have been responsible for deciding what is the best approach when presented with technical client-based problems and carrying out to completion. I have vast knowledge of the Adobe Creative suite and can create many different forms of media. Feel free to choose one of the categories below to view more work examples for that topic. Some of the pages are under construction... Which is in the nature of a web developers personal site. But, for those, shoot me a message as I do have examples I can show for those interested.

Recent Works