Below, you will find some of the applicable services I offer to my clients and typically excel in. Although, most of the major things I have listed, there are also other additional services I may provide as well. If you have and questions, feel free to contact me directly on the networking page.


Over the past 15+ years, I have been responsible for deciding what is the best approach when presented with technical client-based problems and carrying out to completion. I have vast knowledge of the Adobe Creative suite and can create many different forms of media. Currently, I design and develop web-based media using a host of technologies. HTML(5), CSS(3), JavaScript, and PHP are at the core of all of my technologies since those are the most widely used languages on the web. I specialize in custom development as well as serving technologies and SEO in terms of page load speed and server security. I am also capable of creating/serving Progressive Web Apps and keeping your site cryptographically secure (when necessary) to deliver the modern functionality of the web.

This has been my primary focus for the past 17 professional years. Starting from responsive flash sites, widgets like video players, and working my way up through the web languages. I currently specialize in custom web user interface and responsive design. Primary technologies favored include HTML5 & CSS, JavaScript, & PHP. I can also work with many other languages but can do most if not everything with just those three on the web.

Although, graphics have not been the primary focus of my existence per-say... With a degree in Graphic Design and a general enjoyment of both seeing great work and creating great work, I always enjoy using the other side of my brain to create cutting edge graphical media for my clients. Often in the web world, this side of the brain does not exist in developers. This is what makes me unique and deployable in a wide variety of media-based applications.

Photography has always been a major passion of mine... As well as part of my degree in my college experience. In the beginning of my career, I believed one could not be a great designer without also knowing how to photograph a wide variety of subject matter well. And, although, the days of educated professional photographers are basically over since the advent of the digital camera, I still enjoy great photographs and enjoy good film and video. Although, I am more of a photographer, I am also happy to shoot and edit video as well.

In my professional career I have had to deal with several different types of servers. From the old IIS only Windows server day, to today new flavor Linux beasts. Servers are something you cannot be a web developer without running into issues with. This has led me to learn how to drive and operate these machines to run to their best capabilities and deliver the fastest speeds possible to your screen. In fact. this site is running on a server I built myself. I also ran and developed for one of the only Flash Streaming Media Servers ever put into production for corporate use... Way back when, that is. Now, my focus is on page load speeds and sever security... Making sure to delive a stable and reliable platform as well as user experience.

My first major problem to solve as a web developer was to develop the web-based training interface and delivery system for over 5000 employees at Argonne National Laboratory. This task may have been the most driving force towards me becoming a better programmer as it taught me to truly think outside of the box to deliver unique and interesting as well as efficient results. Although I have not taken another job in web-based training since, it is something I did enjoy and would be happy to discuss if your company needs something along those lines.

While I was working as a training developer, production and delivery of web-based video throughout training modules was considered the utmost importance at the time. I built and operated one of the few Flash streaming media servers at Argonne and developed the video player technology used for it. Video delivery and playback has been a passion of mine ever since. Although the days of Flash-deployed video are basically over, I have maintained adaptability with HTML5 implementations in today’s world.

Part of my graphical expertise lies in my ability to both create custom artwork & illustrations to suit your needs. I also have a passion for logo & branding development and have produced a few commercially used logos throughout the course of my employment with various organizations. I prefer the use of vector-based drawing utilities to maximize scalability of the artwork, but raster is ok too. I also used to enjoy animation, but that is something I have not actively pursued over the past decade.

Over the course of my professional career, I have managed to break just about every form of computer platform and hardware possible at the prosumer level. Because of this, I have had to spend quite a lot of hours troubleshooting and fixing my own systems by tracking down bugs and fixes. Due to the ample time spent "fixing", I am also capable of many IT-type duties and I always build my own systems for ultimate reliability. Due to learning so much about PC building, naturally, I do know quite a bit about building server hardwre as well.

Ok, so this one isn't a real thing... or is it??? dm_n1nj4??? Nope, it’s not. Unless we are talking about me, that is. After working in just about every form of digital media over the past 17 years, this is the only thing I can really think of to call myself when someone asks, "what do you do". Why the monkey?? Because monkey see, monkey do.


UI/UX Design/Development, Desktop/Mobile Web Development, Flash Interface Development, Graphic Design, Photography, Server Management/Deployment/Security, Progressive Web Apps/Service Workers/Cryptographic Content Security, Page Load Speed/Analytics, Video Deployment/Editing/Web Codecs

Other Areas of Expertise

- PHP Data Collection - PHP Backend Production - Mobile Deployment - Android Web Development - 3D Rendering - Aerial Photography - Networking Tech - XML/JSON - Google Analytics Custom Implementations -