Below, you will find a little too much detail about me, and probably some things you didn't need to know. But, it is all part of the story of the man, the unicorn, the digital media ninja... Ben Kress >> For my full work history and professional resume, please visit my LinkedIn page.
Ben Kress - Chicago, IL Chicago - on the river walk. Ben Kress - S2000 Powering S2000's... Ben Kress - Rocky Mountain National Park Rocky Mountain National Park - Sprague Lake Ben Kress - Riding a 2012 Specialized Riding Specialized Stupjumper EVO Expert Ben Kress - Argonne Desk Yay Work! ;) Ben Kress - Argonne PPE In my old school racing gear for a PPE demonstration at Argonne. Ben Kress - Argonne Building Shot taken by an old friend behind my building at Argonne