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Welcome To Ben Kress Design! You have found your one-stop source for Flash based web applications, Graphic Design solutions and Photography. I have been involved in these three areas of design for nearly ten years now and have built a steadily growing client base around my skills and have begun my quest of showing the world what Ben Kress Design is capable of.

To start navigating the site please use the Drop-Down buttons above, for there is no other way to view the content in each section. On this site, you will find information about me and my company as well as several examples of the work that I have done in the past and present years. If you or your company are interested in having work done by Ben Kress Design, you can use the Contact Form to get in touch with me.

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Ben Kress Design was built using the Adobe CS5 Family:

Welcome to the Ben Kress Design Mobile Site News. Here is where I will post mostly relavent information about the site, but some irrelavent too... :)

For my full news about all of my development, visit my Flash site at www.benkress.com.


New Logo implemented throughout entire site.
Mobile Device Detection for most Smartphones.

Try to visit benkress.com from your mobile phone (EX: HTC HD2, HTC EVO, iPhone, Palm Pre, etc...). Each phone will redirect to a unique page. Eventualy, I hope to support all of my content on mobile devices.


Check out xtranormal.com. It is pretty much awesome!!! Story-boarding, messing with your buddies, venting furstration, or just killing time. If you can type, you can make movies.


Today I decided to pursue Macro Photography as something I have always wanted to do. Added a gallery for Macro, so expect more content to come...