Below, you will find a little too much detail about me, and probably some things you didn't need to know. But, it is all part of the story of the man, the unicorn, the digital media ninja... Ben Kress >> For my full work history and professional resume, please visit my LinkedIn page.
I started off as an inquisitive young man... Ok, not going to bore you will all that. Basically, I have been involved with computers and the internet since they/it was scarcily available to consumers. Anybody remember prodigy and AOL 1.0? Yep, was a geek about web tech then... and that has not changed much.

Over the years I have always been interested in art, technology, and of course information. Being very curious about how things work led me to focusing mostly on art in my schooling career. But, once I had all the pretty paintings and photographs wrapped up, I needed more of a challenge. This is when I entered into full-on web development starting with the good ol days of Macromedia Flash 5. I know, I know... But, it was way ahead of its time, and animation just came natuarally to me. This has also led me where I am today. From working with local businesses in central Illinois, to Argonne National Laboratory, to Gari Media Group, to where I sit now.
What I do
The term web developer is often misused in todays internet-based world. Sure those folks bearing the "web developer" titles can buy you a template for wordpress and install it. But, what happens if there is an unforseen problem that involves actual programming knowledge? Those web devs will know nothing more than how to call customer support. Let me introduce you to the other side...

I come from a completely different background and timeframe in which a web developer meant someone who can code, design, solve problems, and build from scratch. This is the backbone of my business. Everything you see here has been custom coded and designed by yours truly. Being able to have both sides of the process under one mind is rarer and rarer today. However, I do not intend to stop my methadologies anytime soon. If I don't know it, I will learn it. I believe that no job can truly be done correctly without maximum, customized efforts to suit the needs of the client. Custom implementations allow for streamlined sites with no more than they need to be fully functional and run on all devices with impressive page load speeds.

My main focus is web development/design, but am also capable of branching out into just about any other form of digital media. I went to school as a designer and a photographer... Picked up programming as a "thing to do" in that time. And, 17 professional years later, I enjoy the problem solving aspects of the web world more than anything else. Providing tailored solutions that fit the needs of the client are truly my passion.
A Little More History
Ben Kress - Chicago, IL Chicago - on the river walk. Ben Kress - S2000 Powering S2000's... Ben Kress - Rocky Mountain National Park Rocky Mountain National Park - Sprague Lake Ben Kress - Riding a 2012 Specialized Riding Specialized Stupjumper EVO Expert Ben Kress - Argonne Desk Yay Work! ;) Ben Kress - Argonne PPE In my old school racing gear for a PPE demonstration at Argonne. Ben Kress - Argonne Building Shot taken by an old friend behind my building at Argonne